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Kelly Lavieri

Kelly is a fluid acrylic abstract artist living in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. She grew up in Florida but spent several years in Northeast Tennessee. She draws a lot of her inspiration from the ocean, and nature. She has been painting for many years, however, during Covid pandemic she found Fluid art. The fluidity of the work helped her to find joy, when the world was experiencing fear, doubt, and loss. Her passion for fluid art stems from its freedom of movement, like the ocean, the sky, and the trees - all moving in an ebb and flow. No two pieces will ever be the same they can’t be replicated, a true original like the world we live in. 


She mixes her paints with various mediums that creates fluidity and allows her to manipulate the paint on the canvas with compressed air, palette knives and by hand to create one of a kind naturescapes.


She looks forward to painting as much as she can in her home studio. Her hope is to create pieces that inspire the everyday fluidity of life, and inspires you to seek a place of joy, peace, and happiness.


Thank you for taking the time to stop and enjoy some art in your life today!

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